Takaw Tingin Moscow




Skull Violin

Stratton Violin

*devil went down to georgia playing in the distance*

I bet that was a haunting refrain.

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Saul Bass-ey (but still not quite there, IMHO) rendition of the Game of Thrones title sequence by Milan R. Vuckovic via youtube

Art Prints by Yeaaah Studio (via Behance)

Demons of Creativity by Hellen Musselwhite (via Etsy)

Demons of Creativity by Hellen Musselwhite (via Etsy)

Made You Look (Trailer) 

A documentary about the UK DIY graphic arts scene of the 21st century. 

"If everything that we create, If that just exists in a digital cloud - then I think that’s an incredible shame"

Insatiable appetite for all things pretty.